Famous Dave’s in UAE

Famous Dave’s BBQ restaurants are a well-known chain of barbecue restaurants that have been serving customers since 1994. Famous Dave’s has become a household name when it comes to delicious, authentic, and affordable barbecue cuisine.

Famous Dave’s BBQ Restaurants have expanded their operations across the globe, including the UAE. Since the first branch opened in Dubai in 2017, Famous Dave’s has been bringing their authentic barbecue cuisine to customers in the UAE, and the reception has been nothing short of enthusiastic.

The restaurant quickly gained a loyal following for its delicious barbecue, friendly service, and down-home atmosphere. Over the next few years, Famous Dave’s expanded rapidly, opening locations in Abu Dhabi and other states.

Famous Dave’s BBQ Restaurants in the UAE are known for their delicious meats, cooked low and slow over hickory wood, which gives them that classic smoky flavor. The menu features a wide range of options, from classic barbecue ribs and brisket, chicken, and sausage. The meat is served with a variety of sides, such as mac and cheese, cornbread, and coleslaw, which perfectly complement the hearty meats.

One of the standout dishes at Famous Dave’s is the Burnt Ends, which are crispy, smoky, and full of flavor. This dish is a real treat and is highly recommended for those who are looking to try something new and exciting.

Famous Dave’s success

One of the reasons for Famous Dave’s success is its commitment to using only the finest quality meats and ingredients. The restaurant’s menu features a wide range of dishes, from classic barbecue ribs and brisket to beef, chicken, and sausage. These sauces and rubs are made from high-quality ingredients, and they perfectly complement the flavors of the meats. All of the meats are slow-smoked over hickory wood for up to 14 hours, resulting in tender, juicy, and flavorful dishes.

Famous Dave’s also offers a variety of sides, such as macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and coleslaw, as well as desserts like bread pudding and pecan pie. The restaurant even has its own line of sauces and rubs, which customers can purchase to take home and use on their own barbecue creations.

Famous Dave’s store fun atmosphere

In addition to its delicious food, Famous Dave’s is known for its fun and festive atmosphere. Many locations feature live music and a lively bar area, making it a popular spot for friends and family to gather and enjoy good food and good company. The restaurant’s décor is designed to give customers a real American barbecue experience, with walls adorned with posters and signs, and live music playing in the background. The staff at Famous Dave’s in the UAE are friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. They are always on hand to help customers choose the perfect meal or suggest a new dish to try. The restaurant is also a great place to go with friends and family, as it has a lively and fun atmosphere that is perfect for socializing.


Over the years, Famous Dave’s has received numerous accolades for its barbecue, including awards from the National Barbecue Association and the World Series of Barbecue. The restaurant has also been featured on numerous television shows, including “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and “Man v. Food.”


In conclusion, Famous Dave’s BBQ restaurants offer a delicious and authentic barbecue experience that has won over the hearts of many customers across the United Arab Emirates. With its commitment to using only the finest quality meats and ingredients, and its fun and festive atmosphere, Famous Dave’s BBQ Restaurants in the UAE are a must-visit destination for anyone looking for authentic American barbecue cuisine. The restaurant’s delicious meats, range of sides, and fun atmosphere make it a great place to visit with friends and family. 

Whether you are a barbecue lover or just looking to try something new, Famous Dave’s is definitely worth a visit.

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